Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ceritera Cinta.

My Liver.My Kidneys.My Pancreas.My Scrotum! (ahakz)

she is a sensitive gurl!
she is easy to give out her tears!
she is a caring person! Swear !
she is a great gurl!
she is a naughty gurl!
she is my first original love.
she loved me very much.
We loved each other .

She is my Misi! She treated me as her patient!
You? Hado? Non Hado :)

She is my doctor. Im her patient.
When I Merajok , She Pujok-pujok Me.
Im her Teacher. She is my student.
When She Ade Masalah , I will nasihat to her.

She's bombastic to take care of me !
Please! dont interrupt in our happiness relationship .
Please . She is one thousand millions better than YOU !

Only You , Hanis. :)

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