Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Dear H a n i s ,
Thanks for everything. Thanks sebab menyanyangi and mencintai saya.
Im so appreciate it. =)
U are my first love , sebab u are always in my side than my ex-ex before this.
U are too kind for me .
People said , I have to take good care of you and not let you go.
And u got the ciri-ciri as a good girlfriend and future wife.
Tapi still jauh lg our journey .
Im scared to janji ape-ape takot tak terbalas. berdosa nt kan?
I just need , a good and terbaek relationshipp..
Orang suke busybody and tanye-tanye about us..
Bak Kata Zaki , " Ntah. aku pon tatawu ape status and ape aku nie sebenarnya" .
Actually , its complicated Syg .
Whatever it is , I Sayang kt You.
and I will try to be the best and Improving MySelf .
and Now.. Im confused and tak tawu my Status.
Please..dont force me Ok.

Butt.. Saya Syg Awak and Syg awk and Syg Awk. ~
That all. =P

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